VANGUARDS – Conrad Gomez
Vanguard of Adventure

Conrad Gomez

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Name | Conrad Gomez
My friends call me Connie

Hometown | West New York, NJ

Resides In | Miami Beach

Describe yourself in a single sentence? | All over the place

What are your musts when it comes to creating the perfect trip? | My bike and girlfriend

Are you a planner or do you go with the flow? | A little of both.

Country you visited that most surprised you? | Brazil . in a bad way.

What are you listening to right now? | Howard Stern

Are you a good dancer? | Yes

Who can you count on, every time, to hit the road with you? | Gabriel Larrea

What is the most underrated travel gear? | Zip lock bags

What three places are on your travel bucket list? |  Turkey, Cuba, Prague

Favorite bike or adventure funny story? | I was racing in Colombia for a year in the late 80s. I decided to go on a ride alone without my teammate. I’m riding on a road and all traffic is coming north against me and honking their horns frantically and making gestures. I found it very strange but kept going. I then realized I was the only one riding south – I’m talking no cars around.  So, I keep riding and I start seeing helicopters and military. When I get closer, I realize they are having a shoot out with Guerrillas. Military is screaming at me saying “what are you doing riding this way!!”. They throw my bike in a Jeep and drive me back away from the shooting.  This is just one of the crazy, dangerous adventures I had on my bike.  Crazy!

Top travel tip? | Pack light

What motivates you? | Family and knowing I’m going riding, good health, and work.

What are you reading or have read most recently? | Setting the Table by Danny Meyer

Who is your favorite cartoon character, Why? | Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. I like how mischievous he is.

Favorite Quote? | Live and Let Live

Who is a personal Hero? | Reggie Jackson

Rapid Fire Word Association

Money or Love: Love

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Donuts or Bagels: Donuts

Mountain or Ocean: Mountain

Road or Gravel: Road

Beer or Cocktail: None of the above

Appetizer or dessert: Appetizer

Pancakes or waffles: Pancakes

Tall socks or ankle socks: Tall socks

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Twitter or Instagram: Instagram

Hangover or Anchorman: Hangover

Jordan or Lebron: Jordan

College Football or NFL: Neither

Island: Maui or Manhattan: Manhattan

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