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What are you listening to right now? The Avett Brothers
What is your go-to song at a karaoke bar? Don’t Stop Believing. Journey
Describe yourself in a single sentence? Patient.
What are your musts when it comes to creating the perfect trip? Nail the outline of the trip. Rough-in the logistics and let spontaneity run it’s course.
Are you a planner or do you go with the flow? The flow. Life is all about riding the wave.
What are you reading or have read most recently? The Power of One.
Favorite Quote? “BURN THE SHIPS”
Country you visited that most surprised you? (in a good way? Or in a bad way?) Portugal in a good way. Oman in a bad way.
Who can you count on, every time, to hit the road with you? My bike.
What is the most underrated travel gear? Travel pillow. Find a good one and you can sleep anywhere.
What three places are on your travel bucket list? New Zealand. Iceland. Chile.
Favorite bike or adventure funny story? I once missed the start of a bike race by falling asleep on the toilet. In a panic I caught up to the race and was promptly disqualified for not signing in to the race. It made national television in Belgium so as it happened and I was left on my own accord on the side of the road a group of about 30 Belgians rode me to the finish city and bought me a beer. They all knew my name.
What motivates you? Curiosity.
Who is a personal Hero? My wife. As a producer for film, TV, events and everything in between she becomes the point women for all things good and bad. She knows how to take the hits and keep rolling with the best of them.

Rapid Fire Word Association

Money or Love: Love
Coke or Pepsi: Iced Yerba Matte
Dogs or Cats: Dogs
Donuts or Bagels: Donuts
Mountain or Ocean: Equal Opportunity Lover.
Road or Gravel: Gravel
Beer or Cocktail: Cocktail
Appetizer or dessert: Appetizer
Pancakes or waffles: Waffles (+chicken)
Tall socks or ankle socks: a balance. Depends on the outfit.
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Twitter or Instagram: Instagram
Hangover or Anchorman: Hangover
Jordan or Lebron: Jordan
College Football or NFL: NFL
Island – Maui or Manhattan: Maui

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