Dispatch Requirements & Best Practices


Do your best to write a clear and concise Dispatch.  Think about the best stories you read.  They likely tell the story in a few paragraphs.  Nobody wants to see TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) as a comment to their post.  Tell about your adventure – include the good stuff – avoid the fluff.

Paste the content of your Dispatch and any relevant notes into the box below labeled “Text of your Dispatch & Notes“.

NDVR Cycle Co. reserves the right to turn down any post it feels doesn’t serve our community in a positive way.  We also reserve the right to edit your post as needed.  We may reach out to you to find out if our edits are OK with you before posting.  If we can’t come to an agreement on edits we promise not to use your post.

A couple of appropriate links in a post are fine with us.  Those links should serve the story and be a valuable part of the content.  We won’t us links that are spammy, affiliate links, or attempts to use the NDVR website to serve your SEO goals.  Want to link back to your site or blog?  That’s OK.  Trying to include some “black hat” SEO links in your story?  We’re probably not going to publish it.


Include up to three images that help to tell the story of your Dispatch.  If possible send images that are less than 2mb in size.  Our uploader has a limit of 3mb,  If necessary we may size your images down for web use.  We reserve the right to crop images for editorial reasons or reject images if we don’t approve of them.

The Fine Print

Dispatches are the property of NDVR Cycle Co.  We promise no compensation for published Dispatches but truly appreciate them.

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Text of your Dispatch & Notes

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